Dinner at Il Gattopardo

“Italian cuisine is very simple; a cuisine of ingredients and products.  If the products are no good, there is no Italian cuisine, very simple” – Gianfranco Sorrentino 

No truer words have been spoken and that sentiment is the basis for what is arguably one of the finest Italian restaurants in the country, Il Gattopardo.  Over the years we have had the opportunity to experience a few wine events at the old Il Gattopardo location just a few doors down from the Rockefeller Mansion that is now home to this incredible restaurant.  Finally, we had the chance to sit down at the new location and have our minds blown by the extraordinary hospitality of Gianfranco and staff.  

Chef Vito Gnazzo probably won’t admit it, but he is a master.  A master of simplicity and technique that translates into a cuisine of depth and honesty that very few can accomplish. To express such intense flavors utilizing only a few simple ingredients takes the highest level of skill.  Il Gattopardo is a restaurant that truly transports you to Campania and deep into the heart of Napoli.  Both Chef Vito and Gianfranco hail from Napoli and have brought the flavors that they grew up with from the mothers and grandmothers to NYC.  Thankfully, now we can all have a chance to experience true Neapolitan cuisine on 54th Street!

Italian cuisine has always been about cooking with ingredients that are fresh and available in whatever season it is.  This is the philosophy of Il Gattopardo and the menu reflects the seasons.  We can honestly say that the experience we had at Il Gattapardo was one of the most memorable meals of the year.  With literally thousands of Italian restaurants in NYC, to stand out is difficult.  Il Gattopardo is more then just a standout, but a lesson in which many ‘Italian” restaurants should take notice of.  Every element of this restaurant is deliberate and planned.  From the exquisite menu to the wine list and to the service, every detail has been thought through to deliver an experience worthy of the highest expectation.  

You must put Il Gattopardo on the top of your short list of restaurants to visit.  Why get on a plane to fly to Naples when all you have to do is head to 54th Street?

13-15 W 54th St, New York, NY 10019

(212) 246-0412


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