Night Out with PayPal at Ai Fiori

Without technology, Men Who Dine could not exist, period.  We couldn’t bring you with us as we experience some of the best in food and drink across the country, and that would really suck!  We received an email from PayPal saying that they wanted us to take us out for a night on the town to check out a feature on their app that allows you to split the tab and pay each other back without having to open up your wallet and grab cash.  We are serious food enthusiasts and also serious tech geeks, so this sounded really cool.  We set up a call with PayPal’s Head of Global Consumer Initiatives, Pablo Rodriguez, to get a run through of the app and learn more about its functionality.  After our conversation, we realized just how amazing this app is and we were totally psyched to give it a try!

If we were going high-tech for the night, we were going to do it in style, and finally pay a visit one of Michael White’s finest restaurants, Ai Fiori.  Our good friend and Executive Chef, PJ Calapa, heads up the kitchen at Ai Fiori and had been asking us for years to come in and experience something very special, so this was a no brainer.  We have been lucky enough to have dined at many of Michael White’s restaurants, so finally getting the opportunity to dine at Ai Fiori, had us very excited.

The night was finally here and we jumped into an Uber car to head over to the restaurant.  Gennaro paid for the car using his account and I payed him back using the PayPal app.  With a couple of clicks, Gennaro had the money in his account and we headed into Ai Fiori for an evening of complete culinary bliss.  This is where the chaos of New York City and all the world seemed to slow down as walked up the stairs into the restaurant of which we will experience one of the best meals of our lives.  We walked to the bar and had a pre-dinner cocktail.  Alan paid the check and Gennaro whipped out the PayPal app, split the check and paid him back. No need for Gennaro to remember to pay Alan back, just a few clicks and its done.  Absolutely glorious!

Where to even begin?  We have dined as some of the biggest named restaurants, been personally waited on by the countries top chefs, experienced dining events with royalty; but our evening at Ai Fiori has raised the bar to new uncharted heights.  This is world class!  When service perfection is paired with cuisine that creates an out-of-body experience, you have arrived at Nirvana.  We experienced the food of the gods in a stunning room equal to the unbelievable cuisine.  This is what fine dining is all about and unfortunately, an art that is slowly fading.  By no means is this your fathers’ stuffy fine dining restaurant, oh no my friends, this is an elevated experience of perfection, class and design.  

As the wine was poured for each superb course, we almost felt unworthy of such a world class experience.  But fear not, we hung in there to savor ever moment of this incredible evening.  As we finished each course we ask each other, “Can this get any better?”  And as fate would have it, as each subsequent course graced our table, it just got better.  Maybe it was the mind-boggling wine or the depth of knowledge of the service staff who described every dish in such grand detail, that our culinary vocabulary doubled; whatever it was, this was a mind-blowing experience.  

We didn’t want the night to end, but that time had come.  We were presented the check and Alan paid using his credit card.  Gennaro then pulled out his phone and quickly paid Alan back half the check.  When speaking of world class, using the PayPal app was just that!  We now live in a world where you don’t need to have a single dollar in your wallet.  Using the app is far superior to having to think about asking someone for what they may owe you at the end of any event shared by friend or family.  And to be able able to request money from someone who owes you is truly incredible and removes that uncomfortable moment.  We are so excited about this form of technology and for Men Who Dine that are out every night, this app will become indispensable!  This is an app that needs to be on page one of your phone….that is where it is on ours!

Dining at Ai Fiori is a must.  Really, a must.  This experience will change you life and remind you of what this is all about.  Dining is as art, and experiencing culinary art at this level is something that you always remember.  So, don’t wait, make a plan NOW to dine at Ai Fiori.





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