Recette NYC

Bold. Fresh. Extraordinary. Recette is all of this and more.  Fine dining in NYC will take a lesson from this small eatery delivering an experience that sets a new standard.  Ten courses of culinary bliss while Foo Fighters is rocking the playlist in the dining room…yes friends, this is simply badass!  Jesse Schenker is living up to his new book titled “All or Nothing” as Recette delivers it all.  

Recette is the type of restaurant that we love to dine at.  It’s an intimate experience in which you feel connected to what’s going on at the restaurant.  From the moment you enter the restaurant you feel as if your at a friends house ready to break bread with family.  There is a wonderful vibe that the service staff brings to the table along with a deep knowledge of the menu and beverage program.  This casual elegance and warmth sets the tone for the extraordinary cuisine that rocked our world!

What this tiny kitchen is doing is really something to behold.  The level and sophistication of the dishes that Jesse and his team are crafting is what you might expect at one of New York City’s uber-fancy establishments with a kitchen staff of 30.  Just take a peak in the open kitchen and you will see what we mean.  To operate is such a small space and put out a world class ten-course tasting menu is epic!  But this makes perfect sense, when you give it your “All” and meticulously labor over every ingredient, flavor combination, texture and touch every dish with surgical precision, you end up with culinary magic.

The food at Recette is fabulous.  We really loved the flavor and texture combinations that are woven within every dish.  This juxtaposition and contrast is the foundation of the sensory explosion you experience eating here.  We are always excited to try a dish that has ingredients and preparations which we at first think may not work, but are then floored by just how incredible they work together.  This sensation was experienced many times during this wild multi-course ride.  The concept of cuisine at Recette is forward thinking in a big way.  This is a clear passion of simple complexity.  Stellar ingredients are elevated by technique and creativity to challenge ones sensory response without taking away from the basic essence of that ingredient.  This is not a simple task by any stretch of the imagination.  This kitchen masterfully delivers the cutting edge of culinary magic, without the least bit pretension.   

Eating a ten course or more meal is not easy.  If the chef does not put a great deal of thought into the sequence of dishes and more critically the pace of the meal, even the best intentions can result in an epic fail.  This is not that case at Recette and in fact,  is a case study in how to do it right.  Each course was well planned with an obvious vision as to how it would impact on the next.  Never was our palate tired or blown out and the pace of service was spot on.  

By now we are sure that Recette is on the top of your “Must Try” list and for good reason.  Recette is the “Real Deal”.  


328 West 12th Street
New York, NY 10014

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