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The Art of “SEN”

Just when we thought we knew what sushi was all about, we visited SEN and now the game has changed!  The common denominator of most of the finest sushi restaurants in NYC is the top quality fish that they procure.  They all purchase from the best purveyors and or have fish flown in from Japan.  Therefore, the fish is as good as it gets.  What separates the boys from the men is the rice.  The rice at SEN is probably the best we have ever had which makes the experience of eating sushi here etherial.  Now, just because you are purchasing great fish and know how to prepare amazing sushi rice is only half the battle.  The decades of experience and masterful knowledge of every element in serving sushi is what the chefs at SEN possess.  This is where art and skill meet to transform a slice of fish and some rice into culinary experience of epic proportion.  

Mihoko’s 21 Grams

What do you get when a philanthropist, art collector, and former ballerina decides to open a restaurant in NYC?  One of the most visually stunning spaces to be opened in NYC in a very long time, paired with cuisine that is innovative and inspiring – Mihoko’s 21 Grams.

We were invited for a cocktail reception by our friends at Jessica Aufiero Communications to sample what it happening at 21 Grams.  From the wonderfully creative cocktails, ridiculously delicious hors d’oeuvres and best sake ever, we were more than impressed.

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