With so many great Italian restaurants in NYC, it’s not easy to stand out.  This is a ‘Table’ that will never forget!  Tavola is the quintessential Italian eatery that you wished was in your neighborhood.  The deliberate honesty of Nick Accardi’s downright spectacular take on regional Italian dishes, is what will make Tavola your go to Italian table.  

Nick has a encyclopedic depth of knowledge about the food he is crafting and after a few minutes of him talking about it, you will quickly understand that Nick is no ordinary restauranteur.  Nick is one of the most passionate and dynamic people we have ever come across.  His intensity and love for the food that he is serving is contagious.  If your not salivating after talking to Nick about what to eat, your probably dead!

The beautiful simplicity of the food at Tavola is what shines.  The two wood burning ovens, hand-crafted in Naples, sit center stage and are the key to the incredible flavors that come out of this kitchen.  From the pizza to market fresh fish and seasonal vegetables, these ovens impart that wood-fired aroma and beautiful char that sends us into culinary bliss.  The pizzas are some of the best you will find anywhere, including Italy.  When you are working with the finest ingredients and techniques that come from generations of knowledge,  you end up with a product that is nothing short of world-class.  The entrees that come out of the wood oven are simply remarkable.  Insanely fresh fish, simply roasted with herbs and the finest olive oil will bring you to your knees!  The spectacular pastas prepared with carefully chosen ingredients are works of art that reflect the regional influences of this restaurant.  

In a city with so many Italian restaurants, Tavola stands out big time.  This is a restaurant that will make you understand what great Italian food is supposed to be and keep you coming back for more!   


488 Ninth Ave
(Between 37th & 38th Street)
New York, NY 10018



The beautiful simplicity of the food at Tavola is what shines. and makes Tavola really stand out among the other Italian restaurants in NYC


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