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How can one restaurant consistently engage your senses, continuously push the culinary envelope delivering World-class cuisine and unrivaled service to earn the title of #1 Most Popular Restaurant in NYC an unprecedented nine times?  Simple, at the age of 27, Danny Meyer launched Union Square Cafe and changed the landscape of American dining forever.  It’s been over 20 years since either of us have dined at Union Square Cafe.  That in itself speak volumes for one of New York’s most beloved restaurants as there are so few establishments that have the longevity of Union Square Cafe.  

Union Square Cafe is New York City.  There is a sense of purpose and deliberate focus on excellence the extends way beyond just great food.  No better example of that is when Executive Chef and Partner Carmen Quagliata was tapped to take the helm in  2007.  Stepping into Chef Michael Romano’s kitchen is no easy task.  But with Chef Carmen’s vision of the future and respect for the past, he has begun writing the restaurants next chapter.  

Union Square Cafe has been serving farm-to-table cuisine before is was a trend.   Just steps from Union Square Greenmarket, Union Square Cafe has a built-in farmers market at its door and the ability to source the freshest seasonal ingredients on a daily basis.  This market inspiration is the driving factor of Chef Carmen’s quest for extraordinary flavors that exude his depth of creativity and culinary honesty.   There is nothing more important to us than the chefs that are supporting the wonderful local farmers who break their backs to deliver the seasons finest offerings to us in NYC.  Partnering with these farmers goes to the core of who Danny Meyer is and what has made Union Square the iconic establishment that it is.  

To understand just how extraordinary Union Square Cafe is, one must realize that dining here is an art form.  To be more specific, Union Square Cafe is all about the smallest of detail.  The thought, care and love brought into every facet of the dining experience is at the heart of this restaurant.  It is a philosophy that was created and ingrained into the fabric of the operation by Danny Meyer.  Delivering this is no small task.  The entire team works together like a symphony in complete harmony.  From the incredible wine service, the outrageous food and stellar service staff; all flow together and transform the evening into a magical moment in time.

The food that is executed in the kitchen by Chef Carmen is something very special.  His sense of harmony in the dishes that he creates is what matters most to us.  There is nothing pretentious about Chef Carmen’s food, it is pure.  His food is passionate and uber-exciting.  Every dish had its own voice singing clear notes of intense flavor and perfection.  Course after course we were amazed by the skill of Chef Carmen and the vast range of his use of flavors.  When a chef can take a simple ingredient and can elevate it to something other-worldly; that is clearly an act of culinary greatness.  Our minds were blown away by the food that Chef Carmen delivered to our table and paired with a spectacular wine selection, this was a meal never to be forgotten.  

So, after more than 20 years since our last visit, Union Square Cafe is clearly a everything that we remembered and so much more.  And as promised Danny, we will be back in less than two decades next time!

Thank you Union Square Cafe for one of the best dining experiences of all time!  








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