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Dinner at Il Gattopardo

“Italian cuisine is very simple; a cuisine of ingredients and products.  If the products are no good, there is no Italian cuisine, very simple” – Gianfranco Sorrentino 

No truer words have been spoken and that sentiment is the basis for what is arguably one of the finest Italian restaurants in the country, Il Gattopardo.  Over the years we have had the opportunity to experience a few wine events at the old Il Gattopardo location just a few doors down from the Rockefeller Mansion that is now home to this incredible restaurant.  Finally, we had the chance to sit down at the new location and have our minds blown by the extraordinary hospitality of Gianfranco and staff.  

Night Out with PayPal at Ai Fiori

Without technology, Men Who Dine could not exist, period.  We couldn’t bring you with us as we experience some of the best in food and drink across the country, and that would really suck!  We received an email from PayPal saying that they wanted us to take us out for a night on the town to check out a feature on their app that allows you to split the tab and pay each other back without having to open up your wallet and grab cash.  We are serious food enthusiasts and also serious tech geeks, so this sounded really cool.  We set up a call with PayPal’s Head of Global Consumer Initiatives, Pablo Rodriguez, to get a run through of the app and learn more about its functionality.  After our conversation, we realized just how amazing this app is and we were totally psyched to give it a try!

Hilton Head Wine & Food Festival

We attend a massive number of food festivals across the country and now after being invited to experience Hilton Head’s Wine & Food Festival, we are hooked!  For us, there is be no better place to experience some of the best wine from across the country and the most incredible regional cuisine of Hilton Head.  The charm and hospitality that we were greeted with blew our minds and the Men Who Dine now speak with a slight southern drawl!

KOA Restaurant NYC

When our friend Tora Matsuoka gave us a call to let us know that his space that housed our beloved SEN has reopened and is now a new concept called KOA, we quickly put on our suits and headed straight over.  As soon as we entered KOA, Tora said, “I have someone I want you to meet” and were whisked into the dining room where Tora graciously introduced us to ‘Iron Chef Japan’ Yuji Wakiya!   Wakiya is a culinary legend in Japan and has become famous for cooking Chinese cuisine.  This is where we learned that Wakiya is the man behind the unbelievable menu and cuisine of KOA.  


With so many great Italian restaurants in NYC, it’s not easy to stand out.  This is a ‘Table’ that will never forget!  Tavola is the quintessential Italian eatery that you wished was in your neighborhood.  The deliberate honesty of Nick Accardi’s downright spectacular take on regional Italian dishes, is what will make Tavola your go to Italian table.  

Nick has a encyclopedic depth of knowledge about the food he is crafting and after a few minutes of him talking about it, you will quickly understand that Nick is no ordinary restauranteur.  Nick is one of the most passionate and dynamic people we have ever come across.  His intensity and love for the food that he is serving is contagious.  If your not salivating after talking to Nick about what to eat, your probably dead!

Recette NYC

Bold. Fresh. Extraordinary. Recette is all of this and more.  Fine dining in NYC will take a lesson from this small eatery delivering an experience that sets a new standard.  Ten courses of culinary bliss while Foo Fighters is rocking the playlist in the dining room…yes friends, this is simply badass!  Jesse Schenker is living up to his new book titled “All or Nothing” as Recette delivers it all.  

Recette is the type of restaurant that we love to dine at.  It’s an intimate experience in which you feel connected to what’s going on at the restaurant.  From the moment you enter the restaurant you feel as if your at a friends house ready to break bread with family.  There is a wonderful vibe that the service staff brings to the table along with a deep knowledge of the menu and beverage program.  This casual elegance and warmth sets the tone for the extraordinary cuisine that rocked our world!

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